• Ohhio Braid Cat Bed Tutorial

    Cats can’t help but climb inside this chunky basket! We totally get it. Who could resist all this cozy? This cat bed will look great in any home. It’s resistant to damage from kitty claws and can be cleaned in a washing machine. You’ll need 60 meters of Ohhio Braid for this project. The cat …

  • How to hand crochet a Christmas Stocking with Ohhio Braid

    Holiday Spirit is all around. To put an emphasis on the fun of holiday preparations, we’ve made a simple video tutorial on how to hand crochet a Christmas Stocking. This DIY project can be a fun holiday evening activity for the whole family. After finishing the stocking you can decorate it with Christmas lights to …

  • O-Cushion

    How to make an O-Cushion with Ohhio Braid

    The O-Cushion is an Ohhio original design. Drawing on the best parts of Ohhio Braid, the material it’s made with, this cushion makes a stunningly soft and quirky addition to any interior it’s placed in. This project is as simple as a DIY can get and our instructions will be there to take you though …

  • Ohhio & DHL

    We are taking our delivery service to a whole new level. Endless development and customer care are part of the philosophy at Ohhio. It is important for us to provide you with a good product along with excellent service. That’s why our team has been working hard on significant improvements to the shipping options that …

  • How to Make a Square Ohhio Braid Cushion

    A stylish Square Ohhio Braid Cushion with original design and seamless texture will be your favorite decor and take a special place in your home. Especially, if you make it yourself. No matter your skill level, our new DIY tutorial will take you through each step from base chain to Kitchener stitch with a breeze. …


    Merino Wool Roving vs. Ohhio Braid

    If you’re looking at our blanket and DIY material collections and can’t make heads or tails of them, this post is for you. We know, if you’re not a knitter and you don’t deal with yarns professionally, it can be difficult to understand the differences between these materials just by looking at them. So how …

  • How to Care for Your Ohhio Braid Blanket

    Ohhio Braid is a material designed with practicality in mind. We took our favorite chunky Merino wool and reimagined it as durable and machine-washable. But that’s not all when it comes to caring for your mat, blanket, or pet bed. Read on to learn how to keep your Braid creation as soft and beautiful as …

  • Red Dot Award | Ohhio

    Ohhio Braid Wins Two Red Dot Awards

    Huge news, guys! We have recently got word that Ohhio Braid — our little Kickstarter project — has become the recipient of the most prestigious award in design. And not one, but two! The Red Dot Award is a competition for the best design created in any given year. Thousands of participants sent in their …

  • How Much Ohhio Braid Do I Need for My DIY Project

    How Much Ohhio Braid Do I Need for My DIY Project?

    The wait is finally over. Starting today, Ohhio Braid is available for purchase from our shop! We’re so happy to introduce our award-winning yarn to the public. In anticipation of the question you guys ask most often, we’ve prepared a post detailing how much Ohhio Braid you’re going to need to make any of the …

  • Chunky Merino Blanket by Ohhio

    How Much Wool Do I Need to Make an Ohhio Blanket?

    So you want to make a super chunky knit blanket, but you don’t know how much yarn to get. Perhaps you don’t know what yarn is right for you. And how much would you need to cast on once it arrives? No worries, we have you covered. Let’s talk about your Ohhio DIY options. This …

  • Contour — Chunky Wool Yarn by Ohhio

    How to Choose an Ohhio Chunky Yarn

    Today is a special day. Why, you ask? Because today is the day we’re introducing Contour Yarn to our lineup of chunky knitting materials! Contour is our softest, finest yarn to date. Each fiber is only 19 microns thick, and after being worked by a pro’s hands, it becomes malleable and plastic, which makes it …

  • How to Make a Mat with Ohhio Braid

    This mat can change any surface from hard and cold to warm and cozy. Use it as a foot rest, a shower mat or to furnish your pet’s corner. You will need 34 meters of Ohhio Braid for this project. It should yield a 20” x 30” (50 x 75 cm) mat.

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