More than just a good look.

We made Ohhio Braid collection long-lasting, planet-friendly, and easy to care for because we believe good design is much more than just a good look.

Small Ohhio Braid Blanket

Ohhio Braid Cat Bed

Ohhio Braid Dog Bed

Ohhio Braid Rug
from $115

Easy to make, fun to use.

What if the cool-designed thing becomes an easy DIY project which any newbie can handle? That’s what we are doing here because we are addicted to simplification.

O-Cushion DIY Kit
from $27

Ohhio Braid
from $35

Ohhio Braid Blanket DIY Kit
from $125

Square Ohhio Braid Cushion  DIY Kit

Ohhio facts

Ohhio was founded in early 2015 by Ukrainian designer Anna Marinenko. The simple idea and eye-catching look of her chunky knitted blanket get viral in a blink of an eye… Learn the story.

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