Ohhio Braid

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What is Ohhio Braid?
Ohhio Braid is big, chunky yarn. At its most basic level, Braid is a seamless cotton tube with pillow-style filling.

What does it feel like? Is it soft and squishy?
Yes. It is a soft, plush and pliable material.

What is it for?
Ohhio Braid is a soft material that creates a chunky knit in any form.

Is it machine-washable?
Yes. It is machine-washable and dryable.

Is it vegan and planet-friendly?
Yes. Ohhio Braid consists of cotton casing filled with pre-consumer recycled plastic bags and sheets.

Where can I buy it?
Ohhio Braid is our unique patented material made in the USA. You can only buy it on ohhio.com.

Product Description & Care

Ohhio Braid is a cotton tube filled with hollowfibre. It’s machine-washable, durable, and pet-friendly.

Try crafting with Ohhio Braid! You can find our tutorials here.

We include a sewing kit — needle and thread in a color that matches your Braid — with each purchase.

Here’s how much Ohhio Braid you’ll need to knit a blanket:

Small Size (30” x 50” / 80 x 125 cm) — you’ll need 80 meters (65.6 yards) of Ohhio Braid. Cast on 11 stitches and knit 22 rows.
Medium Size (40” x 60” / 100 x 150 cm) — you’ll need 120 meters (131.3 yards) of Ohhio Braid. Cast on 15 stitches and knit 25 rows.
Medium Plus Size (50” x 60” / 125 x 150 cm) — you’ll need 160 meters (175 yards) of Ohhio Braid. Cast on 19 stitches and knit 25 rows.
Large Size (50” x 70” / 125 x 180 cm) — you’ll need 180 meters (196.9 yards) of Ohhio Braid. Cast on 19 stitches and knit 29 rows.
Extra Large Size (60” x 80” / 150 x 200 cm) — you’ll need 240 meters (262.5 yards) of Ohhio Braid. Cast on 21 stitches and knit 33 rows.

Click here to learn how much Braid you’ll need for other projects.


Wash in cold water with like colors, lay flat to dry, and flip periodically to ensure airflow.


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