Ohhio Braid Dog Bed DIY Kit


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Do you want your pup to be comfy? Make this award-winning Dog Bed for them. No special skills required.

Diameter: 24” / 61 cm
Hight: 8” / 20 cm


  • 80 meters of Ohhio Braid.
  • A sewing kit with needle and thread in a color that matches your Braid.
  • Illustrated instructions to take you through each step of the crocheting process.
  • Marker stickers.

Does your dog’s favorite nap spot need an upgrade? If the answer to that question is yes, you can do that with your own two hands and this DIY Kit!

This Dog Bed is 24” / 61 cm in diameter and 8” / 20 cm tall. It’s a perfect size for medium-sized dogs under 33 lbs / 15 kg. Our Cat Bed works great for dogs under 5 kg.

When we set out to improve on our merino wool roving, we never thought we’d end up here.

Ohhio Braid is the result of our most ambitious venture — to reinvent the way we make and treat chunky blankets.

Ohhio Braid is a chunky cotton yarn with a twist. It’s both plump and malleable; soft, yet sturdy. We make it by stuffing a soft and seamless cotton shell with sturdy hollowfiber filling. Together, they mold into a practical item that can be machine-washed and safely used in a home with pets.

Ohhio Braid is the proud recipient of the most prestigious award in design — the Red Dot. With this endorsement, we feel more than ever that this material is the future of design.

Patent pending.

This Dog Bed requires no special care. Wash it in cold water with like colors, lay flat to dry, and flip periodically to ensure airflow. Remove dog fur with a lint roller.

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For extra volume Ohhio Braid products we offer vacuum package. Learn more

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Vacuum packaging? What’s that?

It is a plastic bag with 50% of the air pumped out of it.

Ohhio Braid VacuumOhhio Braid Vacuum

Why do we offer vacuum treatments?

A truly fast and reliable delivery is expensive, and price depends on the size of a package. Due to the reduced size of the package, we offer a really good discount for our clients without any drawbacks during the delivery.

How may vacuum treatment affect Ohhio products?

The item shrinks and gets rumpled. Considering how airy and bouncy Ohhio Braid products are – and how fast the delivery is! – vacuum treatment causes no damage. The product restores its original volume once the package is opened.

Ohhio Braid VacuumOhhio Braid Vacuum

What do I need to consider about vacuum packaging?

Immediately after the package is devacuumized, you may see folds on the surface of Ohhio products. These folds will smooth away in the next 3-6 hours – it depends on the humidity in the area.

Ohhio Braid VacuumOhhio Braid Vacuum

Can I smooth away Ohhio Braid products faster?

Yes, you can spray some water and press on the surface with your hand. That will make folds smooth away 2-3 times faster. Apart from that, you will get a care instruction manual along with every product.

Ohhio Braid VacuumOhhio Braid Vacuum

Can I choose non-vacuum packaging?

Yes, you can. Please contact us.