O-Cushion. Three sizes. Step-by-Step Illustrated DIY Instructions



If you think you can’t crochet, try this one.


These instructions were created with total novices in mind. You can use them to successfully make an O-Cushion even if you’ve never knitted or crocheted in your life.

These illustrated instructions will take you through each step of hand crocheting a cushion in one of three sizes.

  • Small O-Cushion – 11” / 28 cm in diameter;
  • Medium O-Cushion – 14” / 36 cm in diameter;
  • Large O-Cushion – 19” / 48 cm in diameter.

To make this cushion, you’ll need 15 meters for a small-sized cushion, 20 meters for a medium-sized cushion and 30 meters for a large-sized cushion of Ohhio Braid.

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