Marshmallow Beanie and Cowl DIY Instructions (PDF) + Video

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Along with the digital pattern you’ll receive an access to the video tutorial. The password for the video tutorial (below) is on the first page of the pattern.

These instructions were created with total novices in mind. You can use them to successfully make a Marshmallow Beanie or a Cowl even if you’ve never knitted or crocheted in your life. These illustrated instructions will take you through each step of finger knitting.
For making a beanie with a pom you’ll need 1 lb (450g) of merino wool yarn.
For making a cowl you’ll need 1 lb (450g) of merino wool yarn.

We don’t sell Contour and Helix yarn anymore, but you can make it by yourself. This tutorial will show you how to hand spin chunky merino wool yarn without any tools. You’ll only need merino wool roving. We recommend using 21 microns merino wool or less for knitwear projects.

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