• Ohhio Braid Dog Bed Tutorial

      If your dog could talk, it would tell you to make this pet bed right now. It’s a great piece of home decor which can be cleaned in the washing machine! You will need 80 meters of Ohhio Braid for this project. A dog bed made with this method will be about 10” tall, …

  • How to Make a Cat Bed With Ohhio Braid

    How to Make a Cat Bed With Ohhio Braid

      Does your cat love to cuddle up and softness? Try making one of our award-winning Cat Beds for them. This project will require 40 meters of Ohhio Braid to complete. SHOP THE VIDEO

  • How to Make a Cloud with Ohhio Braid

      How about a quick DIY project? This cloud takes about 4.5 meters of Ohhio Braid. You can buy our smallest 20-meter skein and still have enough material left to make a stress ball! SHOP THE VIDEO

  • How to Connect Ohhio Braid

      Here’s a quick video showing you how to connect two strands of Braid. Easy-peasy. We include a sewing kit with each purchase of Ohhio Braid. It comes in the same color as the Braid you choose. SHOP THE VIDEO

  • Ohhio Braid Stress Ball Tutorial

    This chunky stress ball is so cute! It’s a great trinket to keep on your desk — just pick it up and give it a nice squeeze when you feel the stress is getting to you. You’ll only need about two meters of Ohhio Braid for this project. You can buy our smallest 20-meter skein …

  • video arm knitting tutorial by Ohhio

    How to Arm Knit an Ohhio Blanket

      This is our arm knitting tutorial video. We use 160 meters of Ohhio Braid to show you how to make a 50” x 60” chunky blanket. These same techniques apply to making blankets in other sizes and materials. Click here to see how much material, how many stitches to cast on, and how many …

  • hot to care for merino wool blanket

    How to Care for Your Chunky Merino Wool Blanket

    Here’s a question we get all the time: how do I care for my merino wool blanket? Like all blankets, they need to be cleaned periodically, but unlike other blankets, a cycle in the washing machine won’t do for Ohhio’s super chunky merino blankets. The fine wool we use is very delicate, and you’ll need …

  • Introducing Ohhio Braid

    Our Kickstarter is live! Click here to visit our campaign’s page and back Ohhio Braid. We are proud to announce the latest innovation from the Ohhio’s lab. It’s soft, it’s chunky, and it’s machine-washable. Introducing Ohhio Braid. What is Braid? Braid is a soft material that creates a chunky knit in any form. The idea …

  • Why is Merino Wool so Cool

    Top 5 unique merino properties, which help create our chunky blankets and scarves that are so temptingly gorgeous. Giant knitted blankets and scarves are made of merino wool top. This wool feels really warm and soft against the skin, is hypoallergenic, silky, and last but not least, – eco-friendly. It’s widely used in the production …

  • Meet the Chunky Trend

    As the days turn cooler (and they will, that’s for sure), chunky blankets made from merino wool become the main trend of the upcoming autumn season once again. Crafted knits from Ohhio have already paved their way in the hearts of lots of folks around the world and this year doesn’t look like an exception. …

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