Meet the Chunky Trend

As the days turn cooler (and they will, that’s for sure), chunky blankets made from merino wool become the main trend of the upcoming autumn season once again. Crafted knits from Ohhio have already paved their way in the hearts of lots of folks around the world and this year doesn’t look like an exception. Simply because coziness will never go out of fashion. So why not indulge in style?

The story of this cozy trend started from a simple idea of life unchained from excessities. Here at Ohhio, we dreamed of making the world a cozier place: with simple interiors full of fresh air and light, quiet family evenings, and frosty midnight strolls with the loved ones — life wrapped in purest and softest wool knits. We dreamed big, and so were our chunky blankets, lush scarves, and comfy cowls.

Soon the trend embraced the world. Ohhio giant comfy knit creations became a must-have in laid-back Scandinavian interiors and wardrobes of trendsetters. The moment we found this graceful and soft material, we knew: knitting would never be the same. After numerous experiments with knitting needles of various sizes, we came to the simplest and most gratifying solution: to create our chunky blankets using our arms only. All of a sudden, we became the authors of a new DIY trend! Many people have caught it up and tried arm knitting of adorable chunky accessories by themselves.

We’ve been arm knitting our blankets, filling them with a human touch and true emotions. In the meanwhile, we kept perfecting our craft and style, while looking for the finest merino wool out there. These days, our materials are so soft that you won’t feel it even if your underwear was made of it! So if you’d ask aren’t we bored with such an old-fashion thing as knitting, we’d say, well, if that just makes your chilly days so much better, then how can we get bored, right?


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