Introducing Ohhio Braid

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We are proud to announce the latest innovation from the Ohhio’s lab. It’s soft, it’s chunky, and it’s machine-washable. Introducing Ohhio Braid.

What is Braid?

Braid is a soft material that creates a chunky knit in any form.

The idea to create something like Braid came to us when we realized just how many messages we were getting from people who either wanted to start arm knitting but found the merino wool difficult to work with or those who couldn’t work with merino because of a wool allergy.

We saw that there was a real need to find a suitable substitute for our merino wool to use in Ohhio’s signature chunky knit. With Braid, we found it.


At its most basic level, Braid is a seamless cotton tube with pillow-style filling. When combined in just the right amount  makes for a plush and pliable material that’s easy to learn for any arm knitting newbie and opens up exciting new possibilities for the experienced crafters.

How We Made It

Braid came to life in the past 11 months. We had the idea to create something like it in January 2016, and by March, the first prototypes were being made. Little did we know, the process of creating something like Braid is arduous, to say the least. Our task was to find the right casing, the right diameter, the right filling, and the right density of the filling. Many combinations ensued.

In September 2016, Braid emerged in its current form. It has the final optimal calibration of the cotton shell with some elastane added to it,  siliconized micro hollowfibre filling for maximum softness, and machine-washability. This latest iteration hits the right benchmarks of being soft, light, and durable. We’re very proud of what we managed to accomplish.

Why We Made it

The world of knitting hasn’t seen a big change in a very, very long time. Knitting itself is so old that there’s not much left to invent — everything has already been done, and attempts at innovation are usually too impractical to have any staying potential. Braid introduces a number of possibilities to arm knitting (and crafting in general) that haven’t existed before.

We envision Braid as a future staple of the designer’s arsenal. To someone with a creative eye and able hands, the sky’s the limit.

Braid is a hugely ambitious project, especially for a small studio of just twenty. To fund this project and bring it to a full-scale life, we are looking for help on Kickstarter. The campaign is launching on November 16th! And to show how our appreciation to those who believe in Braid in this early stage, we are offering not just the material itself, but hand-crafted stuff made from it. Check it out!




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