Chunky Knit Fairytale

Where imagination starts, the magic begins!

The imagination approach is so close to our work principles and we are heartedly happy that it resonates with our marvelous clients. You may be already familiar with this enchantment artwork series from our client, friend, and talented digital designer Katie Watersell.


She said, “When I saw Anna`s blankets, I immediately realized that this is what I need for the house and for inspiration! I imagined how cozy would  be  to wrap yourself up in an Ohhio blanket and feel tiny in it, due to its oversized appearance and signature enormous stitches, hence the idea.”

…And that is how a Fairy tale began. Katie interestingly revises a “cuddled in blanket” evening with a cup of tea as an unusual experience. She shows us the potential of it where imagination matters. You start off with a little pleasant thought and then you find yourself as the Queen of Winter wrapped in an Ohhio blanket and gorgeously flowing through the forest creating winter. Whew… Is it not wonderful?

We at Ohhio were pleasantly surprised by Katie’s creative gift. And we are glad to know that our blankets are not only interior decoration but a thing of pure inspiration because one of the parts of the Ohhio company mission is to give others an opportunity to create.

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