How to Choose an Ohhio Chunky Yarn

Today is a special day. Why, you ask? Because today is the day we’re introducing Contour Yarn to our lineup of chunky knitting materials! Contour is our softest, finest yarn to date. Each fiber is only 19 microns thick, and after being worked by a pro’s hands, it becomes malleable and plastic, which makes it a perfect fit for any chunky knitting project — be blankets, knitwear, or toys.

But how is Contour different from Helix Yarn? And what exactly is a micron, anyway? Which is better for what project? Let’s dive in.

19 vs. 23 Microns

A micron is a measure of length. Specifically, a micron is one millionth of a meter. When we say Contour is 19 microns thick or that Helix is 23 microns thick, we are referring to the thickness of each individual fiber in the yarn. You might not be able to tell the difference with an untrained eye, although Contour is slightly slimmer than Helix, but you’ll immediately know which is softer than the other, and that would be the one with finer fibers.

In its unspun state, 19-micron thick merino wool would be considerably more delicate than 23-micron thick wool. But after being handspun, both will result in a reasonably sturdy material that’s more resistant to pilling and shedding.

Recommended Usage

We created Contour to use with our 30mm circular needles to make the Marshmallow Sweater. After trying several variations, we decided that this was the best combination for a soft and durable knitwear item with stitches that are just the right size. And after more experiments with Contour, not only did we find that it’s excellent for knitwear, blankets, and crocheted pet beds, but toys as well.

Since Helix is slightly more coarse and slightly thicker than Contour, it’s not as great a choice for a knitwear item. And while any yarn of ours can be easily used to create a flat canvas like a blanket or item of clothing, a toy that has volume and dimension will need a material that is more easily worked into the precise shapes that those projects require.

Contour is also easier to work with for beginner knitters. While a pro can make even stitches out of any old rope, knitters with beginner and intermediate proficiency will find that Contour is more malleable and makes for a more even result than other chunky yarns.

Which Should I Choose?

The right answer to this question will depend on multiple factors, so we made a little visual guide to the differences between our yarns. If you still have any questions about Helix and Contour or need help choosing one that’s right for you, please let us know!


yardage48 yards / 44 meters54 yards / 50 meters
thickness0.3” — 0.5” (0.7 — 1.2 cm)0.5” — 0.7” (1.2 — 1.7 cm)
stitch size1,5 – 2 inches0,8 -1,2 inches
suggested knitting needles40 mm30 mm
skein weight500 g500 g
fiber content100% fine merino wool100% extra fine merino wool
fiber thickness23 μm19 μm
best used forpet beds, blankets, and other home decorknitwear, blankets, toys
price per ball$49$59
baby size (25×35 inches)2 balls1,7 balls
small size (30×50 inches)3,5 balls3 balls
medium size (40×60 inches)5 balls4 balls
large size (50×70 inches)7 balls6 balls
extra large size (60×80 inches)10 balls8 balls

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