Blue and Gray Interior: Why It Works

Blue and gray are not colors you commonly see mixed together in an interior. It is, however, quite the winning combination.

Blue is known as a fresh color with a cool tone. As an element of design, it’s known to work well as an accent to more muted colors. When contrasted with a dark gray, for example, blue becomes more refined and mature. Gray, on the other hand, becomes softer and less monotone. These two colors bring out the best in each other.

Blue and gray, different as they are, work well together because of their dignified quality. Together, they will add an upscale and rarefied feel to your interior.


Adding a chunky cushion or blanket to your space will not only add depth to the color palate you’re using, but add volume and dimension to your entire space. It will make the entire design of the room feel more lofty, while not being overly ornate or pretentious. Just a clean, modern, and chic design.


If your goal is to crate a reserved and elegant interior, but you don’t want to end up with a colorless palate, try out a combination of blue and gray.


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