The signature Ohhio look was created in 2015 by Anna Marinenko (whose superhero name is Anna Mo), totally by accident. When a large skein of merino wool caught her eye, she started knitting it using her arms instead of needles — just to try it. She snapped a quick photo of the chunky result, put it up online, and response convinced her that this style is destined to be huge. On December 2015, Ohhio successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign, and brought chunky knit to the mainstream.

Since then, Ohhio has grown from a one-person operation to a team of twenty, and we continue creating new designs in a thick-knit style while staying true to Ohhio’s minimalist roots.

Our Features

Design Addicted

We believe in innovative, honest, and practical design. Furthermore, we believe that perfect design is simple. Because beauty doesn’t need enhancement — it just is.


It’s all about the quality and sensuality. We create all our products by hand to make them really special.

Our Team


Anna founded Ohhio in 2015. She creates new Ohhio designs and has the final word on every issue.


Sasha is in charge of Ohhio’s production. She oversees the production process and personally checks every blanket we send.


A team of romantics needs somebody to ground them. Pavel is that man.


Julia is our punctual customer service supporter (she replied to you already, just check it). Versatile and outgoing personality: loves reading, felting wool, joking, and making pleasant surprises.

Behind the Stitches

This is who makes it all happen. Our team of softness experts takes skeins of wool, and shapes them into magically fluffy creations every day.

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