The signature Ohhio look was created in 2015 by designer Anna Marinenko (whose superhero name is Anna Mo), totally by accident. She knitted a stripe of wool using her arms instead of needles — just for fun, snapped some photos of the chunky result, and put them up online. A bunch of media like Huffington Post, Mashable, Business Insider, etc. have reposted Anna’s photos and their response convinced her that this style is destined to be huge.

In December 2015, Ohhio successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign and brought chunky knit to the mainstream. Since then, Ohhio has developed Braid — the particular kind of yarn for arm-knitting and received the Red Dot design awards for the yarn and the products made of it.

In 2019 Ohhio’s production moved to Humboldt, Tennessee, where we are happy to ethically make our products and invent new ones in the United States.

What is Ohhio Braid?

Braid is a soft material that creates a chunky knit in any form. The idea to create something like Braid came to us when we realized just how many messages we were getting from people who either wanted to start arm knitting but found the merino wool difficult to work with or those who couldn’t work with merino because of a wool allergy. We saw that there was a real need to find a suitable substitute for our merino wool to use in Ohhio’s signature chunky knit. With Braid, we found it.

At its most basic level, Braid is a seamless cotton tube with pillow-style filling. When combined in just the right amount makes for a plush and pliable material that’s easy to learn for any arm knitting newbie and opens up exciting new possibilities for the experienced crafters.

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