Ohhio is a company that started from one blanket by accident

Ohhio’s founder and independent designer  Anna Marinenko (whose superhero name is Anna Mo), created Ohhio Blanket in early 2015. The massive wave of media reposts started right after she published several photos of the blanket.

Ohhio Blanket became the starting point of the global chunky knitting movement.

In one year, Ohhio company developed new unique material for arm knitting — Ohhio Braid, and launched it on Kickstarter in November 2016. That added a new twist in the modern making movement. The success of the campaign showed a significant demand for innovative material. Ohhio Braid is a versatile crafting material that allows designers, artists, crafters, and makers to knit, crochet, weave, and use many other crafting techniques on a whole new level. Along with that, it is durable, reusable, washable, eco-friendly, vegan, and pleasant to work with.

At its most basic level, Ohhio Braid is a seamless knitted cotton tube stuffed with pillow-style filler — upcycled plastic fibers.

Red Dot Awards

In August of 2017, Ohhio Braid received a Red Dot Award (IV7232624), and Ohhio Braid Pet Bed received a Red Dot Award (IV7235094) too. Red Dot is the most prestigious distinction in design.

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